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Debbie Morton

"George & Jim reveal a totally new perspective on the 80/20 rule - the Pareto Principle. After learning about The Consistency Chain, I came away with a strategy that has already worked for me, and I know it will work for anyone who implements it. This is a powerful methodology that all business owners & entrepreneurs need to know about."

Cici Chaney

I've struggled with inconsistency in my entrepreneurial endeavors, which caused significant financial stress. Achieving inconsistent success left me with the question, Why?Thank you Gloria, for introducing me to The Consistency Chain! I now have a new level of confidence, an abundance mindset and an increased belief level.  

Sue Jones

The Consistency Chain program is an absolute breakthrough. I've tried so many different things with little or no results. This helped me understand why I have never reached the level of success in my business I've wanted to. You have given me hope that I will finally be able to leave my children and grandchildren the legacy I've dreamed of. Don't Break The Chain."

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My coach will dig deep with you to help you get crystal clear on your goals and dreams, and provide you with a strategy and a road map to get you from where you are, over the gap, to where you long to be.


You'll uncover what's Slowing You Down, Standing in the Way, or Stopping You from reaching your goals and dreams.


You'll discover the impact these challenges are having on you personally and your business.


You'll learn about The Consistency Chain System which is truly a breakthrough in personal development and human potential.

It's the Learnable Super Power.

With Consistency, anything is possible, without it, nothing changes.


You'll gain an understanding of the 5 Step Methodology in the system that will enable you to finally create the time freedom, financial freedom and the life you dream of.

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